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series of 2020



Whereas,  a catastrophic illness is defined as a medical condition that necessitates  prolonged confinement in a medical facility and a lengthened recovery period to resume normal unassisted activities. 


Whereas, a catastrophic illness would require expenses because of the costs of extended hospitalization, medicines and physicians causing financial burden and disabling the person from working for a protracted time.


Whereas, the 2019-2020 PCGM board has decided that examples of  catastrophic illness are malignancies from any site, heart attack and stroke.


It is hereby resolved that fellows of the Philippine College of Geriatric Medicine who experience a catastrophic illness, as defined, will be given P15,000 as financial aid.  



a.   Fellow must be in good standing 

b.   Medical certificate


 Signed this  16th  day of February, 2020 at the PCGM Office, Room 816, M Place Condominium, Panay Avenue, Quezon City.


(original Signed)

Edwin M. Fortuno, MD, FPCGM



(original signed)

Ma. Carolina Dumlao, MD, FPCGM



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