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A component society of the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and

the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP)

"Setting the standards in geriatric education, training and practice”

General Objectives of the Fellowship Program in Geriatric Medicine

To train fellows in geriatric medicine towards a competent and compassionate practice in geriatrics.  At the end of the two year fellowship training, they should be qualified and must pass the Philippine Subspecialty Board in Geriatric Medicine (PSBGM) examinations.






1.     DOH Certified Level 3 or Specialty Hospital

2.     Society accreditation of Internal Medicine (PCP) and / or Family Medicine (PAFP)

3.     Minimum of two years Fellowship Program

4.     Minimum of (1) one Fellow trainee per year level. 

Fellow in training should be a Diplomate or Fellow of PCP or PAFP.

5.     Minimum of (2) two Core Training Faculties:

a.     Geriatrics Chairman must be a Fellow of PCGM

b.     Geriatrics Training Officer must be at least Diplomate of PCGM

c.     Other Geriatrics Training Faculty must be at least a Diplomate of PCGM 

d.  There must be at least one Training Faculty for a maximum of (3) three Fellow trainees (Ratio of       1:3) per program.

e.     One training core faculty must serve as research faculty.

6.     At least ten percent (10%) of total hospital adult beds are allotted to elderly patients or have a Geriatrics Ward

7.     Must have a Geriatrics OPD (Department of Internal Medicine and / or Department  of Family Medicine).

8.  Hospital Geriatrics Training Manual is based on the required competencies and outcome set and approved by the Geriatrics Specialty Board.

9.  Hospital resolution or creation of Geriatrics Section under Department of Internal Medicine or Family Medicine, or as a separate Geriatrics Department.



Rossana M. Cortez, MD FPCGM


PCGM Accreditation Committee


Approved by:


Edwin M. Fortuno, MD FPCGM


Philippine College of Geriatric Medicine



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